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Iconic Milling Brand { Henry Simon } is Back!
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The strategic partnership between Satake and Alapala to re-establish the Henry Simon brand provides the customer with our combined experience, resources and global sales and aftersales network. With this partnership; our mutual global business in the grain milling industry is combined, R&D studies are strengthened, manufacturing facilities are globalized and sales and aftersales operations are expanded worldwide.

“We are here for you! The strategic partnership between Satake and Alapala provides the customer with our combined experience, resources and global sales and aftersales network.”

It has been over 140 years since the production of the first Henry Simon machine. We are renewed by the developing technologies, and continue to deliver our milling machines to various locations around the world.

Henry Simon - After Sales Support
The goal of Henry Simon after sales support is to provide the most efficient operation in your factory and also be the best in taking care of you, our valued customer.
Henry Simon - Training
Detailed training on the operation and maintenance for each machine Henry Simon sells is available on site at the customers plant or in Henry Simon’s Training Facility, and is provided by expert personnel.
Henry Simon - Consultancy
Henry Simon provides consultancy services to its own customers, and also customers of other manufacturers. If it has to do with milling, we can help.
Henry Simon - Spare Parts
Quality and effective spare parts management is one of the areas Henry Simon gives priority. The primary goal is to ensure the plant has minimum down time. Therefore, optimum stock of key spare parts is of the utmost importance to achieve the fastest possible delivery.

Who is Henry Simon and How the Brand was Born… and then Reborn!

Henry Simon was born in 1835 in Brieg, Germany, in the Prussian province of Silesia. He studied engineering at Zurich, practiced in Europe and went to Manchester, England in 1860. It all began in 1878 when Henry Simon established Henry Simon Ltd., a company that became a world famous organisation – the Simon Engineering Group.

“We are face-to-face with the fact that the venerable millstone is doomed to give place to the chilled iron roller as surely as the wooden walls of old England have already been replaced by armour-plated walls of iron and steel.” (H. McDonnell, Mill Manager, 1884)

Fast forward to over 140 years of experience and what we have learned is that each machine built and installed becomes the soul and essence of the establishment. Every machine produced shares the same vision and principle; maintain the best quality and customer satisfaction, and never lose alignment with the soul.

Today, innovation and robotic manufacturing technologies increase production efficiency and product quality. Henry Simon researchers focus their efforts on new, environmentally-friendly manufacturing techniques suitable for large-scale production. Such solutions include optimised forming, CNC machining and robotic welding techniques – along with automated assembly, automated painting techniques that provide flawless paintwork, and of course laser technology.

The Henry Simon engineers and project managers are field-oriented professionals that excel at planning and overseeing all phases of the installation and commissioning process. Our automation and controls group can implement a comprehensive control system for your process, with their extensive field experience. Henry Simon uses the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for the production of our full range of new high-tech products.

Henry Simon has been a principal facilitator of the roller flour milling revolution in the United Kingdom since 1868. Come lean on our experience and let us build a lasting relationship between our equipment and your organization.