Milling Section

From a piece of grain to micron levels of flour, Henry Simon offers the intelligent roller mill and other milling equipments for processing different grain varieties.

Milling can be considered as one of the most critical processes in a flour mill, which the grain is processed and formed into the micron levels of flour by gradual particle size reduction. The bran and germ of grains are also separated in this stage, while the endosperm with high protein and gluten content is milled into flour and used as a raw material for biscuit, pasta, bakery and pastry products; which are suitable for human consumption.

Henry Simon offers a wide range of high technology intelligent milling machines with combining consistent performance and efficient process control. One of those equipment is Advanced Sensor Technology™ in main milling machines (i.e. HSRM Roller Mill, HSPQ Plansifter and HSPU Purifier), that works with tracking critical parameters to optimize the working conditions of machinery. These the state of art sensor systems allow better data monitoring, standardization, operational safety with error diagnosis and prevention.

While the grain passes through the breaking and crushing passages and being grinded between a pair of rolls with HSRM Roller Mill machine, special electronic control systems are also involved to ensure high grinding efficiency and operational safety. Then HSQP Plansifter is used to classify the milled grain into different particle sizes, to be distributed to the each related passage in the process. HSPU Purifier is also one of the main machines in milling section that is used for optimizing the classification process. The machines are managed with a high technology central automation system for real time monitoring of production data i.e. production amount, extraction rate etc.