Pellet Sorter

Pellet Sorter


Satake USA has drawn on its extensive color sorting experience to develop the Pellet Sorter, an optical sorter specifically designed to sort plastic pellets. Raw materials are fed at a carefully controlled rate to the conveyer belt, where a line of high resolution line scan cameras inspect each individual pellet. Signals from the cameras are amplified and processed to identify the targeted defects. Once identified, the objectionable pellets are removed from the acceptable stream with precise air blasts from the appropriate high speed air ejector.

This machine features a two-stage sorting system, increasing the purity and quality of your product and maximizing its value.

Plastic Pellet Sorting Machine - Satake Pellet Sorter


Plastic pellets (diameter, nominally 3mm, cylindrical or hemispheric shape)


Black specks and discolored pellets from transparent, opaque and colored virgin pellets.

  • 6 fluorescent lamps are used in each viewer section
  • 5 high resolution line scan cameras per optical viewer
  • Camera signals are processed to distinguish defects
  • The appropriate air ejector will fire to remove the defect
  • The dual pass system allows the accepts from the upper first pass to continue to the lower second pass stage
  • Equipped with 2 air conditioners to maintain constant temperature and improve sorting stability
  • The Pellet Sorter conducts 100% inspection because every pellet is scanned twice to insure maximum purity in the final product
  • Two Types of Defect Sensitivity

Satake Pellet Sorter Brochure

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