Beltuza Sorter

Beltuza Sorter

Satake BELTUZA Machine Overview Trailer

Satake BELTUZA Sorting Redskin Peanuts

Satake BELTUZA Sorting Mechanism and Slow Motion Soy Sorting


The all new Satake BELTUZA belt sorter provides continuous inspection to ensure the highest quality product by removing unwanted foreign material, discolorations and misshapen product while maintaining maximum yield.

“Maximize capacity, recovery and profitability with the BELTUZA.”

Color Sorter and Belt Sorting Machine - Satake BELTUZA
Features and Benefits
  • Stainless steel body construction
  • Removable vibratory feeder system
  • Full color RGB and NIR (CSV600BM) cameras
  • Shape and size sorting capability
  • Glass and inorganic same-color FM detection
  • Long-life LED lighting rated at 20,000 hours
  • Precision 5mm spaced air ejectors
  • 650mm belt with lightweight contamination cover
  • Accept product impact-reduction design
  • Separable body design for quick belt change
  • Large 12.1″ touch screen panel
  • Automatic smart sensitivity calibration
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
Typical Product Applications
  • Dry Beans: Pinto, Navy, White, Black
  • Tree Nuts: Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Pistachios, Pecans
  • Soybeans and Edamame
  • Redskin and Blanched Peanuts
  • Green and Roasted Coffee Beans
  • Pasta and other Dried Noodles
  • Dry Snack Food and Confectionary
  • Uncommon: Olives, Tea and Tobacco, Seaweed
  • Industrial: Plastics, Metals and other Bulk Solids
  • Dry Pet Food and Kibble

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