Vertical Whitener (VTA)

Vertical Whitener (VTA)



The design concept of the Satake Vertical Rice Whitener, VTA series, is the result of the accumulation of many years of vertical milling engineering expertise. This machine has incorporated all of the most modern techniques of vertical milling and has been proven to be “The Machine” in many major mills throughout the United States and Europe, and in Asian countries such as Thailand and India. The versatility of the VTA for milling all degrees of milled rice has given the industry the ideal machine.

Capacity(t/h) Non-Parboiled 2~3 5~6
Parboiled 1.5~2.5 4~5
Motor(kW ) 22~30(4P) 45~55(6P)
Air Volume(m 3/min) 30 50
Static Pressure(mmAq) -80~–100 -100~-150

Mode A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm)
VTA5AA 250 750 750 748 2,310
VTA10AB 390 770 837 660 2,148
Model Weight(kg)* Volume(m3)**
VTA5AA Approx. 900 Approx. 3.2
VTA10AB Approx. 1,500 Approx. 6.5

*Approximate Shipping Weight(without motor)
**Approximate Shipping Volume


1.Higher Milling Yield and Fewer Brokens:
Evenly Milled Higher yield rice with fewer brokens and minimum moisture loss is obtained due to the adoption of the newly developed, state-of-the-art milling chamber

2.Easy Operation:
The required whiteness easily obtained by the adjusment of the discharge weight. An automatic milling degree controller is also available as an option.

3.Easy Replacement of Parts:
The abrasive rolls are easily withdrawn from the top of the unit, because the cantilevered main shaft design makes a bearing at the top of the machine unnecessary.The screens are of a “lift-away” design, which makes screen change quick and easy without having to remove the frame from the machine. All other parts are easily accesible and readily changeable.

4.Minimum Bran Residue Inside Machine:
In the section below the milling chamber, there is a bran rotor valve which assists in remove bran from the machine.

*Satake VTA also applicable for other grains, eg. barley, oats, sorghum etc… Please contact your satake Representative office for details.

All Satake products are the subject of continuous development and, as a result, their specification may change and differ in detail from those shown.

Satake Vertical Rice Whitener VTA5 10

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