Satake USA Customer Support

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Thank you for your interest in Satake service and/or technical support. Please bookmark this page as it has all your service and support contact information.


The Technical Support Group works mainly with helping our customers keep their machine(s) running in an optimal condition. We help diagnose electrical problems, electronic board problems, software issues, and/or any issues related to sorting problems due to mechanical adjustments.

We help with technical questions related to installation and machine specifications. We also provide training and instructions on how to make proper machine adjustments to optimize the customer’s machine sorting capabilities.

Always have your machine Serial Number when calling. The S/N helps Technical Support expedite your requests.

Customer Support Phone Number is: 281-276-3700
Note: Technical Support Main Email Link  (This is group email to assure you get the quickest response possible.)

The Satake USA Order Processing Department will help with all Parts Orders, Estimates, Return Material Authorizations (RMAs) and any questions or concerns.

Always have your machine’s Serial Number when calling. This will help identify your account and be able to expedite your request.

Order Services Phone Number is: 281-276-3600
Note: Order Services Main Email Link  (This is a group email to assure you get the quickest response possible.)

If you have any questions related to a particular sort you are trying to achieve, or require machine configuration information, our Applications Group is the best place to start.

To schedule an appointment, send us a Service Request email or call 281-276-3700 to speak with one of our field service coordinators.

For any questions or concerns, you can always call our main office at (281) 276-3600 (Texas) or our West Coast Operations office at (209) 551-3203.

What do our customers say about our after sales support and service staff?

“I have used Satake sorters in PET bottle flake recycling for the last 15 years with 3 different companies. I have witnessed the advancements in sorting technology for color and plastic type. The technology has changed but the people haven’t.

While most companies have depersonalized their sales and service organizations, Satake continues to have excellent people in all areas. Most are long term employees who not only know their products, but also know you and your industry.

Satake sales people don’t over sell the product. While they are always open to trying “new things”, they are very honest and conservative about their machines’ capabilities. Customer service technicians know the equipment and are readily available to assist in solving any problems that arise. Satake employees do what they say they will do when they say they will do it.

The machines are built to last. Like fine automobiles, they hold their value. Just try to find one on the used market!

I will continue to use and recommend Satake sorters to people in our industry.”

Bob Getsinger, Plant Manager
EZ Products, LLC
Cheraw, South Carolina