Paddy Husker (FT)

Paddy Husker (FT)


Designed with our Customer in Mind

Satake, as a total food engineering company, introduces its unique technologies into the new Paddy Husker HR1OFT-T. It achieves the highest levels of performance and functionality.

Features and Benefits
  • 1. Feeder
    The vibratory feeder, proved in the color sorter, is introduced. It simultaneously provides smooth, consistent and high throughput. It is equipped with a feeder volume control which can vary the flow rate in a continuous liner manner.
  • 2. Chute
    The new chute is designed to be automatically controlled in the best orientation. It maintains the paddy on the chute in a uniform and consistent stream. Compared with others it offers improved husking efficiency and recovery.
  • 3. Belt Drive
    The double sided toothed belt, as proved on the Rollermill, is introduced. The new belt drive enables a simpler routing which extends the belt life. It also improves husking efficiency by eliminating slipping tosses.
  • 4.Aspirator
    The wide body and adjustable distribution valve further improves the capacity and efficiency. The outlet for immature grain is eliminated because of the excellent separation of rice from husk.
  • 5. Concept
    Functionality and maintainability have been considered. We have introduced a step and a retainer for rolls and tools for ease of roll replacement. There are inspection windows both in front and rear of the Aspirator. Removable inspection covers on both the right and left side of the aspirator body assist easy maintenance.
Model HR10FT-T
Component(Husker & Aspirator) HU10FT-T+HA10W-T
Input Capacity(t/h) Short Grain Rice 6.0~8.0
Medium Grain Rice 5.0~6.0
Long Grain Rice 5.0~6.0
Basmati(Non-Parboiled) 2.5~3.0
Basmati(Parboiled) 3.5~4.0
Required Power(kW) HU:7.5+0.052 HA:3.7+0.1

Model W(mm) L(mm) H(mm) Net Weight (kg)
HR1OFT-T 1,550 2,040 2,650 1,190

All Satake products are the subject of continuous development and, as a result, their specification may change and differ in detail from those shown.

Satake Paddy Husker HR10 FT

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