FMSR-IR Sorter

FMSR-IR Sorter


The FMSR-IR is an efficient midsize sorter that features Full Color RGB + Shape + Infrared technology. It is ideal for sorting products such as dry beans, corn, nuts, coffee, seeds, plastics and multiple varieties of grain as well. The FMSR-IR features patent-pending Satake software assuring quick set-up and hassle-free operation. The FMSR-IR product line includes models with one chute configuration, a two chute configuration and a three chute configuration.

The Satake FMSR-IR optical sorter is ideal for medium to-high capacity processing lines. The FMSR-IR features Full Color RGB + Shape + Infrared technology.

FMSR-IR Full Color RGB - Shape - Infrared Optical Sorter

  • Full color high-resolution RGB camera technology allows you to precisely customize your final product specifications and lead your market in customer satisfaction.
  • Infrared cameras, as well as size and shape sorting, all provide additional security for the removal of foreign material from your product, giving you and your customers peace of mind.
  • High Powered 5 mm air ejectors capable of precision air blast to remove the defective product from the acceptable stream and thereby increase the profitability of your production yield.
  • Stainless steel removable Accept/Reject Hoppers for easy cleaning and increased sanitation so avoiding downtime, as well as the security of your product.
  • Realtime accept and reject sampling allows for sort
    optimization and facilitates optimum machine settings resulting in the best yield possible.
  • Satake 3S Smart Sensitivity Software provides a simple, highly intuitive method for the operator to quickly optimize removal of impurities, making your production line as profitable as possible.
  • Easy accept and defect profile creation using the actual product to set parameters.
  • Advanced touch screen interface is designed for industrial use and easy access.
  • Vibratory feeder system creates a consistent and singulated product flow, increasing the efficiency and value of the optical sorting process.

2102168-Satake FMSR-IR Brochure

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FMSR-IR Three model Brochure-Spanish

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