Satake USA FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Optical Sorting
1. How much air is necessary?
This depends on the size unit and also the incoming defect level. Please visit our optical sorting machine list to find your specific machine and review the PDF for specifications.
2. Does the equipment require a full time operator?
Satake sorting equipment is extremely user friendly and does not require a full time operator. During installation and startup, factory personnel are trained on machine operation and maintenance. The units are extremely stable and reliable, so once set for a product, they can run for extended periods of time with no additional operator interface.
3. Can I have a sample of my product tested?
Yes, this is a very important service that Satake offers at no charge to perspective customers as well as existing customers. Please contactus or directly fill out a sort test request form for more information and to arrange for a sample to be tested.
4. How do I get to the Satake USA Headquarters in Houston, Texas?
Satake USA is located at 10900 Cash Road in Stafford, Texas. See our Contact page for Google map specifics.
5. How can I learn to operate and get the most benefit from my Satake equipment?
Satake offers both onsite training and also training at our Houston manufacturing facility. The Satake equipment is very well documented with easy to read operator and parts manuals included with each unit.
6. If I experience a problem with my Satake, do I need to have a technician out to repair it?
The Satake optical sorters are extremely reliable and it is very rare to actually need a technician to visit your site for repairs. We have a well trained staff of qualified technicians available for startup and training, scheduled preventive maintenance visits, and repairs if required. We find that most issues can be resolved over the phone by our technical support group.