RGBR Sorter

RGBR Sorter

The Satake RGBR optical sorter shows it’s full capabilities in this sort demonstration on yellow seed corn. Using full color RGB technology to remove discolored product; using size/shape to remove non-uniform product, and finally using near infrared (NIR) cameras to detect foreign material in the product stream.


The Satake RGBR optical sorter features advanced full color sorting technology with RGB camera image analysis, and is ideally suited to sort dry beans, tree nuts, grains and other agricultural products. It also features shape and size sorting to help remove the non-uniform product, or reject material of the exact same color, but of different size. The RGBR can also be equipped with the latest InGaAs near infrared (NIR) cameras to allow detection of impurities such as glass, plastic, stones, sticks and other inorganic material that may be identical in color to the good product.

The Satake RGBR is a full color, size/shape and near infrared (NIR) optical sorter engineered to meet the most challenging agricultural sorting requirements.


☆ Typical Product Comparison ☆

Satake RGBR Sorting Corn Demo Comparison

This exact product sort can be seen below in the RGBR sorting demo video.

The RGBR comes in 2 model sizes. The 3401 (3 chutes) and the 5401 (5 chutes) as seen in the below image. The machine comes standard with 3 or 5 flat chutes each measuring 336mm wide. Multiple configurations are available for secondary and tertiary sorting requirements. It comes standard with 4mm air ejectors which allows for extremely precise reject targeting, and subsequent minimal good product loss (false rejects), due to the high-density spacing.

Satake RGBR 3401-5401 Sorter Dimensions

Satake RGBR 3401 5401 Brochure English

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